REcon Party 2012

On June 15th, I had the pleasure of performing some visuals alongside great musical performances by Battle Lava and Reda Achour at the REcon 2012 wrap party at the Cabaret Underworld in Montréal. The evening was a total blast, thanks to all the great performances and superb work of event organizer Ma”.

The evening featured performances by:
Archibald Singleton
Battle Lava – Chip musique & Game Boy
Dr Raid – Hiphop (US)
DualCore – Hiphop (US)
Ma– glitches et visuels génératifs
Nany Leven – live set electronica
No hista – AV
Ouananiche – AV
Push One Stop – vj
Reda – dj
Zef – vj

More photos of the night can be found on VJ Ma’s Flickr page.

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