VJ Zef/Zef & Santo Visuals @ Secret Museum of Sound & Nature, Cagibi Apr 24 ’14

…”What really sets this series apart from others is the presence of some phenomenally good-quality live visuals provided by renowned VJs Zef and Santoz, who also perform together under the moniker Zef & Santo. Together, they recently performed with Ghislain Poirier at the Jutra awards after-party at the Société des Arts Technologiques [SAT]. They’ve also provided visuals individually and collectively for Igloofest, MUTEK and for Montreal electronic music duo Beat Market.”… Continue reading

REcon Party 2013 @ SAT

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“Immersive AV Dome, as Pole Meets ZEF&SANTO at Mutek, SAT.” Creative Digital Motion magazine

…”You want to see movies on the big screen. (Ask recent Batman ticket buyers.) You want to hear sound on big, loud, clear PAs. So, if you want one way to make audiovisual performance more satisfying, sorry to point to the projection toys, but make it more immersive. You want it to fill the space. In short, you want the giant dome at Montreal’s SAT. And that’s what visualists ZEF&SANTO did in a terrific live collaboration with Berlin’s Pole for MUTEK, one of North America’s finest events.”… Continue reading